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Cooling Tower Water Screens

Our cooling tower water screen services include design and installation of large scale screens for processing plants, chemical factories, and more. Special purpose cooling tower water screens are available from IWS including design, manufacture and installation.

Clean, debris-free water for cooling towers is a necessity. Protect pipes, pumps and people by automatically removing debris from the influent source. IWS screens are customized to your location and requirements by experienced engineers.

Cooling Tower Water Screen Features

Our traveling screens offer multiple ways to collect debris preventing it from interfering with cooling tower operation. Our traveling water screens are custom-designed for your location and application.

Water screens are constructed of heavy duty materials. Stainless steel 304, 316 and 317 are available. Cooling tower water screen frames can also be made of aluminum or mild steel appropriately coated for your location.

All traveling water screen wear surfaces are covered with UHMW for long life. Screens are equipped with internal spray bar with high pressure water that removes the debris fro the back side of the traveling water screen.

A complete cooling tower traveling water screen system could include:

  • Variable speed motor
  • Trough or conveyor
  • Elevator
  • Solenoid
  • Submersible pump
  • Filter
  • Control panel
  • Differential level control
  • Adjustable timer
  • Hand/off/auto controls
  • Belt openings as tight as 3/31’ and open as 3”

We offer many additional features for your cooling tower screen needs.

Generator powered traveling water screen solutions

Do you need a traveling water screen solution for a remote location without power? Is it cost-prohibitive to run power lines to the screen location? International Water Screens will design and build a generator-powered traveling water screen for a fraction of the cost.

Traveling water screen with spray bar

Our standard traveling screen or fish screen has an internal spray bar with pressurized water that will blow off the debris that doesn’t fall off of the belting. International Water Screens will provide a pump for this pressurized water, or we can use domestic or fire water for the spray..

Traveling water screen hoods

Some screens have hoods to protect them from the elements and hide and quiet the hardware.

Traveling water screen conveyor/elevator

The elevator has a conveyor belt that lifts debris from the water, as the water flows past. The conveyor drops the collected material for collection. A spray bar helps remove debris from the screen.

Traveling water screen debris collection

Any floating debris can be removed. Floating plant matter, storm detritus, algae, construction material, or garbage that normally collects in waterways. Removing debris prevents clogged pipelines, protects pumps, and can be designed for various types of debris.

Different sites have different debris problems, and different ways to remove the debris must be adapted to local conditions.

Traveling water screens for algae and aquatic plant removal

Algae and rapidly growing plants like Water Hyacinth can quickly clog waterways if they aren’t removed. International Water Screens can design a system to address your area’s specific problems.

Recent Cooling Tower Projects

Cooling Tower for Chemical Processing Plant

This chemical processing plant needed clean, debris-free water for cooling purposes. Learn more

We design, build and install custom water screens for a wide variety of customers.
Our traveling water screen applications are used in many industries worldwide.

Industries include: Agriculture, Geothermal Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Municipal and Nuclear Power Plants.

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