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Custom Designed Traveling Water Screens

Over 1,000 Installations Worldwide Since 1988

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Multiple options for debris collection & removal from canals, aqueducts, rivers and more. Learn more

Shower cooler water to cool processed water for any type of industrial need. Learn more

Large scale screens designed for debris-free water without harming aquatic life. Learn more

Our traveling water screens are used in many industries worldwide





Nuclear Power Plant

Chemical & Processing Plants

Engineering & design services custom tailored for your specific needs

International Water Screens is the leading traveling water screen supplier including water screen design, custom build and screen installation services

  • We will design, manufacture and install your project
  • Custom designs to fit any existing location
  • Our designs can place debris anywhere you want it
  • We’ll also retrofit existing intakes with new screens
  • Our long-lasting screens require less maintenance & add to greater productivity

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About International Water Screens

For 29 years, we have been specializing in designing and manufacturing self-cleaning traveling water screens and self-cleaning fish screens for water debris removal from your canal, river or reservoir.

We provide water screens for water districts, dairy, municipal, fish, cooling tower water filtration and other markets.

If you have debris in your water… We can remove it with our traveling water screen solutions!

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I commend your staff for their quick responsiveness to our needs. This attention to customer service enabled our staff to reinstall the screen and resume operation by 1:00 PM Saturday alleviating stress to our water users’ crops. It is pleasure to partner with suppliers who understand just what service means, and then work to fulfill the needs of those customers.

Stephen L. Dunn, O&M Superintendant, Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District

Recent Projects

Idaho hydroelectric project gets debris collection screens

This Irrigation District north of Twin Falls installed a new run of the river hydroelectric facility with five debris-collection water screens protecting the turbines.
Learn more

Columbia River Gets a Vertical Fish Screen

This irrigation district needed to remove natural debris and urban trash while excluding and protecting fish, all with limited space.  Learn more

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