Recent Projects

A few examples of our latest work


New Idaho hydroelectric project gets debris collection screens

This Irrigation District north of Twin Falls installed a new run of the river hydroelectric facility with five debris-collection water screens protecting the turbines.
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Cooling Tower, Utah

This Utah chemical plant cooling tower was designed to remove biological debris and pieces of the old cooling water tower that were plugging the cooking water system facilities’ tubes.
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Eight Screens forCalifornia Aqueduct

When you move a lot of water, you need a large screen array to remove debris. This project cut costs enough to pay for itself in less than 6 months while reducing worker injuries. Learn more


Replace rather than repair? It can be cheaper.

The City of Pittsburg, California looked at repairing their old FMC vertical traveling water screens, but the price was exorbitant… Until they contacted International Water Screens. Learn more


San Francisco Bay Area City Cleans Mossy Mess

In Contra Costa County, east of San Francisco, we installed an IWS Screen to remove water borne debris including moss, grass, hyacinth and tumbleweeds. Learn more


Nuclear Power Plant Keeps Intakes Clean

Great Lakes region nuclear power plant has water intakes that need to be reliably debris-free in all weather. Learn more


Vertical Water Screen for Pittsburgh, California

The City of Pittsburg, CA looked at repairing their old FMC vertical traveling water screens, but the price was high. We made them a new one for less. Learn more

Snake River Project in Construction

Pump Station on the Snake River, Oregon

This Irrigation District in Eastern Oregon installed a new pump station and miles of pipeline at an existing turnout off of the Snake River. Learn more


Nebraska Inline Traveling Water Screen

This irrigation district installed this IWS traveling water screen system to help protect pipelines leading as well as pivot irrigation lines.  Learn more


Saskatchewan fishcatch a break whenIWS catches debris

A water district in Saskatchewan, Canada needed to prevent fish and debris from entering an irrigation canal off a reservoir.
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Southern California Geothermal Plant Protects Pumps

Geothermal plants turn water into to steam to drive turbines. Protecting the pumps is paramount.  Learn more


Columbia River Gets a Vertical Fish Screen

This irrigation district needed to remove natural debris and urban trash while excluding and protecting fish.  Learn more